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At Guildford Town Centre Ortho, we are proud to offer LightForce Orthodontics technology for patients in search of a straighter smile. LightForce Orthodontics is revolutionizing the industry, using 3D printing technology to create fully-customized brackets, indirect bonding (IDB) trays, and buccal tubes to make traditional braces more efficient and comfortable.

We are modernizing traditional orthodontics by offering LightForce Orthodontics technology as part of our treatment plans for patients in need of braces.

Using the LightForce Orthodontics system, we can custom-design ceramic polycrystalline alumina brackets to fit your unique bite and tooth structure.

By replacing bulky metal brackets with 3D-printed ones that are tailor-made to suit your specific smile, our orthodontists can make your experience with braces more efficient and comfortable than ever before.

About Lightforce Braces

If you are a candidate for LightForce Orthodontics, we will use their innovative LightPlan software to digitally create your custom treatment plan. This program allows us to develop, adjust and approve a plan that is suited for your specific orthodontic needs. Using LightPlan software, our Surrey orthodontists will use digital imaging to map out how your 3D-printed teeth-moving tools will guide your teeth to straighten your smile and correct your bite, depending on your treatment plan.

Lightforce Orthodontics at Your Surrey Dentist

We can also create 3D-printed IDB trays to go along with LightForce brackets when needed, as well as 3D-printed TurboTrays to assist with bite correction and custom 3D-printed buccal tubes for cases that require incisor retraction. Essentially, our Surrey orthodontists have access to coveted 3D printing technology to give you the most efficient and comfortable orthodontic experience possible.

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