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Get An Early Start On Braces in Surrey, BC With Two-Phase Treatment For Children

Guildford Town Centre Orthodontist offers Two-Phase treatment, which is also known as early, preventative, or interceptive orthodontics. This specialized process not only takes into consideration your child’s teeth and jaw structure, but the shape of your child’s face as they grow. Two Phase treatment does take longer, but by starting earlier, it also maximizes the amount of time your orthodontic specialist has to establish ideal jaw structure and teeth alignment.


Phase 1:

Typically starts between the ages of 6-8, before all the permanent teeth have erupted, and usually involves expanders and partial braces. Phase I treatment is focused on spacing to allow the permanent teeth to come in properly, and to fix malocclusion issues. Malocclusion refers to the imperfect positioning of the teeth and jaw when the mouth is closed. Common forms of malocclusion include crossbites, overbites, and underbites.


Starting earlier can help young patients with their developing teeth by creating more space and can sometimes turn more complex cases that would normally involve extraction into an easier expansion case instead. Phase I treatment lays the foundation for Phase II, and because of this head start, it can sometimes reduce the time required in Phase II treatment.


Resting Period:

The resting period in between Phase I and Phase II  is to allow for the eruption of the adult teeth. This period could last up to a few years, and we recommend that patients come in twice a year so we can track their progress, and determine when to begin Phase II. Please keep in mind that the treatment won’t be complete until the conclusion of Phase II.


Phase II:

Phase II  treatment begins once all the permanent dentition have erupted, and usually begins between 11-13 years old. Phase II is where orthodontic treatment traditionally begins, but due to Phase I, treatment time is usually reduced.


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