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Your oral health can be an important indicator of your overall health, and so it’s important that you take as good care of your mouth and teeth as you would any other part of your body.
The number of adults choosing to improve their dental health and smile is increasing everyday- over 25% of Canadians undergoing orthodontic treatment are adults!

There are many reasons why more and more adults are choosing orthodontic treatment, the least of which is a great smile, and the improved confidence that comes with it. Something as simple as a correctly aligned smile has many benefits, including easier maintenance, prevention of wear and tear from the grinding of teeth, and helping you avoid dental health issues later on in life such as tooth decay and gingivitis.


It’s never too late, because a healthy, straight smile has no age limit. It can do wonders for your confidence, and it’s no surprise that more and more adults are now opting for orthodontic treatment. When you put your best foot forward, the world smiles with you.


Why Invisalign

As the name implies, Invisalign is an alternative to braces which aligns your teeth and is practically invisible. It is an inconspicuous option for getting that smile you’ve always wanted, and many adults have successfully completed their Invisalign treatment with hardly anybody noticing at all!


How It Works

Invisalign devices are similar in appearance to retainers, but whereas retainers are meant to retain the position of your teeth after alignment (hence the name), Invisalign works through a series of incremental aligners to straighten your teeth.

After taking a digital X-Ray of your teeth and jaw, your Invisalign aligner is made from BPA-free plastic, customized to the dimensions of your mouth so it fits perfectly.

Invisalign treatment is a gradual process that requires multiple aligners, and you’ll switch to a new one about every two weeks, and we recommend that you check in with us every 6 weeks so we can track your progress.



Since Invisalign aligners can be removed, they don’t have the same kind of food restrictions of normal braces, meaning you can eat what you want, when you want. Maintenance and cleaning is also faster and easier, as flossing and brushing is as simple as removing the aligners. You don’t have to worry about working around any  wires and brackets either! Invisalign braces are perfect for discerning adults who would like a great smile without the traditional wire braces.


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