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Intraoral Cameras At Your Local Surrey Orthodontics Clinic


Intraoral cameras are just one of the many ways that Guildford Town Centre Orthodontist continues to bring innovations in the dental and orthodontics industries to their patients.


Here’s why we use  intraoral cameras:


  • High-resolution pictures let you see the tiniest details
  • Helps patients visualize their situation and make informed decisions
  • Facilitates communication between patients and doctors
  • Makes early detection easier
  • Allows for more accurate diagnosis
  • More comfortable and less invasive than traditional methods
  • Allows you to compare your “Before” and “After” pictures so you can see how far you’ve come
Intraoral cameras take high resolution pictures from inside the patient’s mouth (intraoral means ‘inside the mouth’), and are great at facilitating communication between doctors and patients as they provide a clear picture that helps patients visualize what their orthodontists are telling them. The pictures from the intraoral camera raises the patient’s’ awareness of their situation, which helps them better understand their treatment options and their orthodontist’s recommendations.
Intraoral cameras are better than the human eye, allowing us to see even the tiniest details such as cracks in the tooth and other irregularities. This makes early detection much easier and also allows for more accurate diagnosis.


Intraoral cameras are also easier to use and less invasive than the mirrors that orthodontists and dentists commonly use, and allow better viewing of hard to reach areas. These cameras also allow you to see your progress and let you see how far your treatment has really come, as you can compare your “Before” and “After” pictures.


At Guildford Town Centre Orthodontist, communication between patient and orthodontist  is of the highest priority, and the pictures that we can take with intraoral cameras are one of the best tools to achieve this. As they say, a picture says a thousand words. That’s why we use intraoral cameras.


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