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With Incognito Hidden Braces, the only one who can tell you have braces on is you, because they are completely invisible.

Instead of putting the brackets on the front of the teeth as with traditional braces, the brackets are fixed to the back of them. So imagine all the benefits of traditional braces, except they are applied behind the teeth by your orthodontic specialist through a special procedure, thus making them completely unseen.


These braces are also known by other names such as lingual or nano braces, but they are similar in design and purpose.


Incognito hidden braces are especially popular amongst adults who are interested in orthodontic treatment to help improve their smile but prefer that the braces are not visible, especially when they smile or speak. Whether for professional or cosmetic reasons, or both, that feeling is completely understandable. These braces are a perfect solution for that, but because the brackets need to be customized and require a specialized procedure to apply, this treatment can be more expensive than traditional braces.


Incognito braces are a relatively modern development in orthodontics, and combine the best of both traditional braces and Invisalign. They take the ability of traditional braces to make the more complex adjustments and maneuvers that Invisalign aligners cannot (such as closing larger gaps between the teeth and arranging the correct tooth height), while being completely incognito (hence the name!).


Incognito braces are recommended for anyone older than 13 years, but you must consult with your orthodontic specialist to determine their suitability for you.


Caring and maintenance for Incognito braces are much the same as if you had traditional braces, and it is important that you avoid foods that can get caught or stuck in between the braces or wire, and brush and floss regularly.


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