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Digital X-Rays At Your Local Orthodontist in Surrey, BC


Digital X-Rays are just one of the many ways that Guildford Town Centre Orthodontist continues to bring innovations in the dental and orthodontics industries to their patients.


Why Digital?

Remember how going digital revolutionized the camera industry because you didn’t need to worry about buying film or getting the pictures developed anymore? It was a significant shift in how we used cameras because it was so much more convenient and easy.


Well, switching to digital X-Rays from traditional X-Rays is similar in comparison, and it offers many of those same benefits. Digital X-Rays are great because they are:


  • Faster
  • Reduce radiation exposure
  • Produce better images
  • Safe for the environment
X-Rays have been a critical tool in dentistry and orthodontics for decades, helping to effectively and accurately diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions. Digital X-Rays, which have been increasing in popularity ever since their introduction in the 90s, continues that tradition with one key difference- they reduce radiation exposure by up to 90% that of traditional X-Rays, making them even safer. The reduced radiation exposure is particularly important for pregnant women.
Digital X-Rays are computer-generated images that not only yield better quality pictures, they do not require any film or development time. When your digital X-Rays are taken, you can see them onscreen practically instantaneously. That means they’re not only much faster, but better for the environment, too, as they avoid the harmful chemicals that are needed for traditional film development.


Digital X-Rays also gives your orthodontist the opportunity to zoom in and focus on specific areas, making diagnosis and early detection easier and more accurate.


Digital X-Rays aren’t just more convenient for patients either. It helps your doctors, orthodontists, and dentists  communicate faster as sending your X-Rays is easy as email.


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